Belgium: 23 cm band Restrictions

2024-03-27 Belgium 1240-1300 MHz proposed restrictions

2024-03-27 Belgium 1240-1300 MHz proposed restrictions

On March 27, 2024, Belgium’s regulator the BIPT published draft restrictions on amateur radio operation  in the 23cm (1240-1300 MHz) band.

The new restrictions include:

Class A (equiv UK Full, USA Extra) – size of band reduced from 60 MHz to 8.24 MHz. The satellite allocation is reduced to 1260-1262 MHz and the antenna elevation must always be more than 15° above the horizon and the transmission power is limited to 50 W EIRP. If the elevation is above 55° above the horizon, the power is increased to 500 watts EIRP

Class B (equiv UK Intermediate / USA General) – 1296-1300 MHz only

Class C (equiv UK Foundation / USA Technician) – No access (unchanged)

The public consultation runs until April 28

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